5 of the Most Generous Countries in the World

The news can be generally depressing regardless of from which part o the world you are listening or reading them. Most times, you have to sift through the noise to find uplifting stories that will restore or reaffirm your faith in humanity. It may seem like not many people care about the hardships and sufferings of others. But nothing can be farther from the truth. People across the globe are stepping up individually or collectively to help in various ways. And if you want more proof on the inherent goodness of people, you do not have to look far than some of the most generous countries in the world according to the Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index rankings for 2016.

1. Myanmar
Myanmar is a classic example that a country’s wealth does not determine generosity. The country may not be one of the richest nations in the world, but its people are the giving kind. People are quite supportive of the country’s monks with many giving them food, money, and other donations regularly. Many of its people also reported donating to charities.

2. United States
Americans have largely remained helpful and giving despite the seemingly election-related divisiveness of the past months. More than 70 percent of poll respondents shared helping out others at some point in the previous year. Many are also involved with various volunteer work or projects.

3. Australia
Many Australians give to charity and organizations like the Red Cross and other international relief aid providers. And an April 29, 2016 article posted on a Generosity online magazine reports that wealthy Australians are more generous than initially thought with many giving a “higher proportion of their income” compared with the rest of the population.

4. New Zealand
New Zealand
The Kiwis are known to be generally more caring of their neighbors that may be partly attributed to its relatively small size as a nation. There is a pervading sense of community that seems to nurture a charitable and giving character.

5. Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Giving and volunteerism is embedded in the fabric of Sri Lankan society and culture. It is common to see acts of kindness and helpfulness among its people with many involved in community volunteer projects or events.

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